NEtSuite Token Based TBA Authentication

Sellware now supports NetSuite’s upcoming two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for highly privileged roles, affecting SuiteTalk (web services) integrations and RESTlets.

If you have received a notice from NetSuite regarding the upcoming two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for highly privileged roles that will affect SuiteTalk (web services) integrations and RESTlets, you may want to reach out to the Sellware Marketplace team, to optimize your Amazon, eBay, and Walmart channel integrations.

What has Changed

As documented in NetSuite’s 2018.2 Release Notes and help topics, 2FA is mandatory for highly privileged roles, both for access to the NetSuite UI and for integrations that use highly privileged roles for API access to NetSuite.

Sellware has update our marketplace integration, to support these new NetSuite authentication requirements, using a token based authentication configuration.   Additional details on setting up the Token Based Authentications can be found on our knowledge base here.

There are a variety of benefits to using this new NetSuite Token Based Authentication within the Sellware marketplace integration, including :

  1. Your Sellware NetSuite marketplace integrations are not tied to your NetSuite password, so changing the password will not cause failure.  (Note – Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other marketplace logins and Authentications are maintained separately)
  2. You are allowed more concurrent connections within NetSuite when using Token Based Authentication.
  3. Compliance with NetSuite 2FA and RESTlets (NLAuth) guidelines for web service integrations using the passport object with the login operation or with Request Level Credentials (RLC) is achieved.
  4. A more secure NetSuite Login and Authentication is supported.


Recommended Actions

You must make changes to your integrations before 2019.1. Sellware has provided detailed instructions on how to implement this change to leverage the new Token Based Authentications on our knowledge bank.

For additional information on the benefits of using this Token Based Authentication, feel free to contact your Account Representative at (919) 238-1400.