Archiving An Order

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Whether you are a power seller who has hundreds of orders a day, or a small seller who likes a tidy system, you may find the need to Archive orders.

Archiving an order does more than just remove it from the order screens.  When you Archive an order it will release all inventory that is committed for that order, UNLESS the order has been marked shipped.

What does that mean in simple terms?
1. Orders that are marked as shipped are safe to Archive without having to worry about inventory
2. You should not Archive orders that are not marked as shipped unless you do not plan to fulfill the order (Consider Cancelling the order instead)


Archiving an order is pretty easy.  You can click Edit on a Draft Order, or Review on an Approved Order to bring up the order edit screen.  Then simply click the Archive Order button.

Alternately, you can Archive orders in bulk by selecting the orders you wish to Archive, clicking the Perform on Selected button, and selecting Archive.