Configuring Order Automation

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Sellware can automatically send orders to your store to save you time.  You can review and set the order automation features in the Automation area.  To get to the Automations area, click on the Settings menu option in the upper right, then click on Order.



Sellware offers two automation features.  The first is Order Automation.  With Order Automation Sellware will approve any order that is received and full payment is confirmed (ie paid via PayPal, Amazon, etc).  An approved order will be automatically transferred to your store for processing and fulfillment.

The second is Unpaid Orders.  Depending on your setup, you may wish to have unpaid orders transfer to your store.  If your customers pay via Cashier’s Checks or other non-digital means, you may wish to ensure the inventory is tracked in your store and to process the order.  By selecting Unpaid Orders those orders will be transferred to your store.

Once you have made your selection(s) click the Save Order Settings button.