Creating image URLs in NetSuite for marketplace listings

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Creating image URLs in NetSuite for marketplace listings

NetSuite provides a variety of methods for storing images, that can be used to create and update marketplace listings.  If you are not using a CDN, and prefer to keep the images within NetSuite, the following articles from NetSuite should help in the process of creating a URL that can be sent via your Sellware listing feed.


Method 1 – Show the URL of a Custom Image Type Field on the Saved Search Results


User would like to show the URL of the Image field that is currently displayed on Item records.  Currently, the Item saved search only shows the image of the item, as seen here, rather than the fully qualified URL of the image file

NetSuite Image Type




To show the URL, use a Formula (Text) and ender the field ID of the Image field as he Formula value as seen below:

Note – The result will show the path from the URL, not the complete URL address.  To show the complete URL, enter the following formula:

‘’|| ” || {field_ID}


Method 2 – Display the URL Link of the Image Attached in the Custom Image Field

Create a Custom CRM field –

1 – Navigate to the Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > CRM Fields > New

2- Enter the Label of the custom CRM Field

3 – Select Image in the Type dropdown

4 – Mark the Case checkbox under the Applies To tab

5 – Click on the Display Tab

6 – Select Main in the Subtab dropdown field

7 – Mark the Store Value checkbox in the main field

8 – Mark the Show In List checkbox in the main field

9 – Save & Apply to Forms


Create a support case saved search:

1 – Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New

2 – Click on the Case link in the New Saved Search window

3 – APply the needed filters under the Criteria tab

4 – Click on the results tab and the Columns subtab

5 – Add the necessary fields under the Columns subtab

6 – To display the custom image URL Link select Formula (Text) and enter the following SQL expression:

‘https://system/”||{CUSTOM IMAGE FIELD ID}

Note – Check datacenter (i.e. for the Account.  Users can see this by looking at the URL when logged in to their account

7- Click the Add button

8 – Preview the saved search

9 – Save



a.  User will need to use the fields ID of the custom CRM image field inside the “{  }” replacing the {CUSTOM IMAGE FIELD ID} reference above

b.  Only case records where the custom image fields has an image attached in the custom CRM image type field will display a URL link