Exporting CSV Files

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CSV files can be Exported in two different process within Sellware.


Option 1

To export your entire catalog of products, go to the Products->Catalog Page and click on the “Import or Export” button.


Then, select the blue “Export” button to initiate the download.  The catalog will download within a few minutes, depending on the total number of records.  You will need to refresh the page to see the new download link, and can use the time/date stamp to download the proper file.


Option 2

To download a subset of items

You can download a subset of your catalog by using the search/filter options to narrow the range of items, and then use the Check Box Option.

In this example, I have filter on “Red” items, selected several items, and used the “Perform on Selected” option to Export ONLY these items.

In this Option, the Export is automatically started, so you do NOT need to push the Export button again (this would also trigger a full export).

Refresh your browser, and the files can now be downloaded.