Hidden Characters in Descriptions or text

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If you are running in to issues with hidden characters or icons appearing in your listings, it may be due to the encoding standard of the source data from which you are copying and pasting.

In general, we use UTF8 standard, but there are applications on Windows in the US that use a different encoding called Windows-1252.  There’s no effective way to DETECT when that is used by our software.

If you are running in to those issues, you may need to change the encoding when saving in Ron’s Editor and Excel to UTF8.

There are many places where this can happen, as noted on  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4221176/excel-to-csv-with-utf8-encoding  with a few different scenarios and possible solutions.
If this is an issue for you, try the above steps, or reach out to someone on our team and we’ll see how we can you address the character issues.