How Do I Resolve Order Errors?

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Missing Product Links

Occasionally you may find an order on your Draft Orders screen that shows Paid-In-Full and should have been automatically approved, but wasn’t.  This means that there is something else wrong with the order.

Click the Edit link to edit the order to review and correct any issues.


As you can see, one of the listings does not have a product linked to it.  This could happen for a variety of reasons including sales of products listed from another tool.  Sellware still pulls in those sales to allow you to manage the orders and fulfillment from one place.


To link a product, simply type into the text box, and Sellware searches your products and returns a list of matching products as you type.  Simply select the product that you wish to link to the listing.

NOTE: A linked product is NOT required to Approve and send an order to your primary channel.  However, since no product is linked Sellware cannot account for the inventory, and the inventory in your primary channel will not be adjusted when the order syncs.


When you are done, do not forget to save the order.  If the order is ready for Approval, you can simple click the Save and Approve button.  Otherwise you can click the Save for Later button to save your changes without approving the order.