How To Add A Shipment To An Order

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Adding a shipment to an order does several things.  First, it changes the Order Status to Shipped, which adds the shipped icon  to the order in the list views.  It also adds the shipping information to the order.  The information and status are synced to the Marketplace Channel the order originated from to ensure that the orders are kept up to date and within the Marketplace Channel’s standards.

You can add a shipment to an Approved order by clicking the Review link next to the order to bring up the Edit screen.


Click the  button at the top of the screen to bring up the Add Shipment popup. 

Enter the shipping details into the popup, and click the Save button to add the shipment to the order.




You can also add shipping information in bulk to Draft Orders as well as Approved Orders.


Check the orders that you wish to add shipping information to, then click the Perform on Selected button and select Ship Orders.


This will bring up a screen similar to the one below.  Enter all of the details for your shipments and click the Save Shipment Details button.