How To Edit Products

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Products are edited from the Products screen.  Click the  icon in the product list to open the Product Edit screen.



Once in the Product Edit screen you will be in in the General tab where you can edit the basic info for the product including the SKU, Title and Description.  The product information set in these tabs will be used to display information in the Sellware screens, as well as used to populate the product templates.


In the Photo tab you can Add and Delete product photos.  Click the X to delete a photo, and click the Choose File button to select a new photo from your computer to add.


In the Inventory & Options tab you can add/change the UPC, as well as enable Inventory Control for the product (if Inventory Control is enabled in the Inventory Settings), and change the inventory in stock for the product.


In the Store Settings tab you can set the product’s tax status, set it active or inactive, as well as select appropriate Store Categories for it.


NOTE:  Some data may be overwritten when Sellware syncs with your primary channel.  Data most commonly overwritten is in the General, and Inventory & Options tabs.