Importing Products Using CSV File

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You can import an mange your products using CSV files.  You’ll want to start by downloading the sample CSV file so that you can see the basic format of the file.


Once you are ready to import your products go to the Import/Export page by clicking the Import or Export button while on the Product page.


The lower half of the Import/Export page is for importing your products.  By using a properly formated CSV file you can upload new products, or update existing products in your Sellware product database.

All you need to do is click Choose File, and find your CSV file, select your shop from the dropdown then click Upload and Import CSV File to process the file.



Once you have submitted the file for processing you will see a confirmation in a blue box at the top of your screen.

The process may take several minutes to complete, but you will see the Products added or updated on the Product screen while in progress.  You can also refresh the Import/Export page and it will show you when it has been completed.


Note: You should only do a full export once.  Afterwards you can add and update products by uploading smaller CSV files with the changes.  

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