NetSuite Token Based Authentication (TBA) Setup

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NetSuite Token Based Authentication (TBA) Setup

1. Create a NetSuite Integration Record

The integration record identifies the application in NetSuite’s system.  To configure Sellware’s integration for optimal performance, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations
  2. Create a integration record if none exists. After you create the record you will need to copy/paste the consumer key and consumer secret to your secrets file.
    • Name: Sellware
    • Authentication: Token-Based Authentication
    • State: Enabled
  3. Record the credentials for later use:

Application ID: ________________________________

Consumer Key:  ______________________________

Consumer Secret: _____________________________

Note: If the integration record already exists, but you don’t have the consumer key and consumer secret, edit the record, then press “Reset Credentials”.

2. Enable NetSuite Token Based Authentication

  1. Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features
  2. SuiteCloud > Manage Authentication
  3. Make sure “Web Services” is enabled
  4. Make sure “Token Based Authentication” is enabled
  5. Save

If this feature is not enabled, you will not see the permissions required in the next step.


3. Add Full Access Role

  1. Setup > Setup Manager
  2. Users/Roles
  3. Manage Users
  4. Edit an existing user you wish to use with Sellware
  5. Click “Access” sublist
  6. Add “Full Access” role to Roles list and click save


4. Create NetSuite Access Token

  1. Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens > New
  2. Select New Access Token
  3. Select “Sellware” Application
  4. Select the user that you added the Sellware role
  5. Select “Full Access” role from dropdown
  6. Click Save

Record the Token ID and Token Secret for later use

Token ID: ________________________________

Token Secret: _____________________________

5.  Update NetSuite Channel in the Sellware Application

  1. Add or Edit NetSuite channel
  2. Select Token authentication
  3. Enter the Consumer key, consumer secret, token id and token secret that you recorded above
  4. Press Save
  5. If everything worked properly, you will see:  “Saved and verified connection”

NetSuite Token Based Authentication 2FA

This new integration has a number of benefits, including:

  1. The NetSuite connection with Sellware is not tied to the user’s password, so changing the password will not cause failure.
  2. You are allowed more concurrent connections within NetSuite when using Token Based Authentication.
  3. Compliance with NetSuite 2FA and RESTlets (NLAuth) guidelines for web service integrations using the passport object with the login operation or with Request Level Credentials (RLC)