Order Processing in Walmart

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(!! Please note – as Walmart continues to upgrade their marketpalce, these steps may change over time.  Please make sure to check back frequently, and also consult with Walmart’s Knowledge Base for the most up to date information !!)

As your customers place orders, you will see the orders updating within SellerCenter as well as Sellware.  Certain functions need to be performed in Sellware, for example – order cancellation and/or returns, up until the time an order is Shipped, at which point adjustments will need to be performed in Walmart.


Order Flow into the Platforms



Once orders enter your Orders/Approved Orders Grid, you can review the details, shipping information, payment codes, etc.

If you are NOT using a tool to create shipping labels, and tracking codes (like ShipStation or Shipworks), you will need to manually enter them in Walmart or Sellware.


Add Shipping Information


Your order will now show the “Shipped” icon in the form of the yellow box, and the shipping information will be passed to Walmart


If you are using a Shipping Software provider, you can view the shipping information provided to Walmart (or contact us for a quote if you need to have this integrated) and then passed automatically to Sellware to be relayed to your customers via email alert.

Payment Information and Order history notes are also captured at the bottom of this page.

NOTE – Once an order has been shipped, if it needs to be canceled, that action must occur within SellerCenter, not Sellware.


The Order Queue within Seller Center also provides similar information.


Your Customer will be notified of their incoming shipment via Walmart.


Additional information on Shipping / Refunds / Credits at Walmart