Overview of Integration with Netsuite

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Netsuite Features Enabled by the Sellware Platform

Sellware provides the following features for customers that use Netsuite as their storefront or backoffice system:

  • Listing products to marketplace channels including eBay and Amazon
  • Managing inventory on channels in “near” real-time
  • Importing orders from channels and transmitting to Netsuite
  • Transmitting shipping and tracking information from Netsuite back to eBay and Amazon

How It Works

First, it’s important to keep in mind that Netsuite is the master system.  We refer to this as the “system of record”.

All products and stock counts are entered and customer orders are managed within the Netsuite system.  The Sellware platform will seamlessly synchronize products from Netsuite to eBay and Amazon.  Likewise, all orders that are downloaded from eBay and Amazon are transmitted to Netsuite for processing.  

Product inventory is deducted automatically within Netsuite whenever an order is transmitted by Sellware to Netsuite.  Similarly, whenever an order is placed within Netsuite or stock is manually adjusted, Sellware will synchronize the current inventory levels to all channels.

Finally, as orders are processed within Netsuite, shipping and tracking information is transferred to the channel to complete the workflow.