Updating Listings in Bulk

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You can update listings in bulk by making changes to the template used to list them.  You can review which templates are used when the products were listed by going to the Listings page and using the Template filter.


Once you know what template you need to edit you can click on Listing Templates and then select eBay Templates or Amazon Templates


To edit the template simply click the Edit icon next to the template that you would like to edit.


You can edit the template and make any changes that you would like.  When you are done click Save and Update Listings.  Any listings using that template will be queued to update.  Only appropriate and allowable changes to the template will be made in the existing listings.  ie you can’t change the eBay User ID of an existing listing, however any future listings using this template will use the new eBay User ID.



You will see a confirmation that the listings were queued for revision.


Once they have been processed you will see a notice in the upper right of your Sellware screen.  You can click on it to view the listings that have been processed.  You will see ‘revise’ in the Action column, and you can review the details of the listings that were processed.  You can click the CSV or HTML links to view additional details.