Updating or Deleting Products via CSV Files

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For clients working with CSV files as their Primary Channels, all updates to the products need to be done via the CSV file.

Ideally you should use a subset of your items in the CSV to speed processing times.

To Delete an item, import a CSV file with the items to delete, being sure to set the PRODUCT_STATUS code = 9.  This will delete the item from your Catalog.

To keep an Item in the Catalog, but disable it from being used (in Listings for example),  import a CSV file with the items to disable, being sure to set the set the PRODUCT_STATUS code = 0.

To change an item to active in the Catalog, import a CSV file with the items to be activated, being sure to set theset the PRODUCT_STATUS code = 1.


To update any of the other field values, simply add the new values to the CSV file and import to Sellware.

Please note –  ONLY provide the columns in the CSV sheet that you want to update.  If you leave columns blank, and are updating an item with existing information, those “blank” columns in the CSV will override the data currently in Sellware.