Walmart FAQs, Tips, and Resources

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Walmart’s Seller Center is your best resource for tracking down detailed information regarding your listings, and to augment listings being initiated by Sellware.


1 – When Sending an item to Walmart – a valid product identifier is required.  This will typically be a UPC – GTIN – or ISBM


2 – Editing an item in SellerCenter

Walmart will attempt to locate an existing Product ID (the master item number in Walmart) utilizing your GTIN / UPC code.  If a match is found, your listing information may be suppressed to used the official Walmart information for things like brand, descriptions, titles, brand, images, etc.

Walmart KB: Updating An Item’s Product ID


3 – Setting up Shipping Rules / Tiers

Walmart KB: Shipping Options

Setting Item specific rules / exclusions for Shipping needs to be done within Seller Center currently.

Walmart KB: Shipping and Refunds FAQ


4 – Listing Errors

If you are having difficulty with generating new listings, you may also want to check Walmart’s Error Logs in your Seller Center Account, as they often provide additional context for why items aren’t accepted.


5.  Basic data element and visual overview of Walmart fields

Walmart KB: Using SEO Best Practices