What Is A Draft Order

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When the order first comes into Sellware it is a Draft Order.  You can view the Draft Orders by going to Orders -> Draft Orders in the top menu.  Draft is the default status for new orders, as you can see below Draft Orders can be Paid in Full and Shipped despite being a Draft Order.

 – Indicates that the Order is waiting to be synced with your primary channel
 – Indicates that the Order is synced with your primary channel
 – Indicates that the order is not Paid-In-Full
 – Indicates that the Order is Paid-In-Full
 – Indicates that the Order has been shipped

A Draft Order will not be uploaded to your Primary Channel, it must be Approved first.  A Draft Order can be Approved several ways:

1. Automatically Approve. If Order Automation is enabled then Sellware will automatically Approve Draft Orders according to your Order Settings.
2. Approve in Bulk.  Select the Draft Orders to be Approved.  Click the Perform on Selected button, and select Approve Orders
3. Manually Approve. Click Edit next to the Draft Order to edit the order.  This will bring up the Order Edit screen below.  From here you can verify all information, make changes as needed, and then you can click the Save and Approve button to approve the order.

NOTE: You CANNOT approve an order that is missing a product association.

If you find that you are unable to approve an order, edit the order to check the product associations.  If a product is missing you will notice that the Product column is blank, and you will see the alert icon.  Simply type in the product information (SKU, Product Name, etc), and the search box will display products based on your input.  Select the correct and then you will be able to save and/or approve the order.