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Let’s face it, selling online is hard enough. Adding multiple channels shouldn’t require more employees, more administration screens, and hours of extra work! We know that your time is limited, so we’ve designed our marketplace service to automate the repetitive tasks, synchronize inventory, manage your listings, and give you a clear view into the performance of your channels…so that you can spend more time growing your business and less time wrestling with technology!



Product Listings

The Sellware platform allows you to quickly connect your marketplaces, and begin to automatically list your items on popular marketplaces based on rules that you create. Sellware supports all listing formats and features of the eBay, Amazon Walmart marketplaces, and provides an easy way to list one or many products as once.

Our sophisticated templates allow for fine-grained control over key aspects of the product listing including customization of the title, description, pricing and shipping terms. You can also create branded HTML templates for eBay.

Existing marketplace sellers can preserve best match and seller performance by linking existing marketplace listings with product SKUs. There’s no need to cancel and relist listings!

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Inventory Management

The Sellware platform actively monitors your stock levels and posts changes to both your webstore and marketplaces in near real-time.

Our platform can also reduce inventory on marketplaces to increase demand and impulse buys of your products and to optimize marketplace selling limits.

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Cross Channel Analytics and Reporting

The Sellware platform allows you to view sales and activity reports across all your channels. View key metrics like Revenue, Total Shipments, Top Sellers, Slow Movers and much more. View dashboards for weekly, monthly, year-to-date, and custom date ranges. Compare trends over different time periods like this time last year, month over month, year over year, or specific dates to see how your marketplaces are performing.

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Webstore Integration

The Sellware platform can optionally pull inventory directly from your webstore. If you use a compatible webstore, you can continue to manage your inventory and orders in your webstore. Our connector will link directly with your webstore to get product details and post orders.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to manage your products and inventory in the Sellware system, we can publish your products and post your orders into any compatible webstore offering.

This choice is yours whether you manage products in your existing system or within the Sellware interface!

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Order Management

Sellware imports orders from all your connected channels and provides a consolidated view of your orders and current stock levels.

Bulk processing of orders including postage labels is quick and easy. After completing an order, tracking information will be posted back to the marketplace and the buyer will be notified.

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API Integration

Integrating legacy or custom backoffice systems and processes is simple using the developer-friendly Sellware web services API.

Developers can leverage XML-based web services to managae products, orders and inventory.

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Technical Support

Our professional staff is here to assist you get started and trouble-shoot should problems ever arise.

We’re available via email, live chat and by phone.

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