Sellware Connects SkuVault

Quickly Connect Your Store to SkuVault



Multi Channel Marketplace Inventory Management

Sellware and SkuVault have partnered to provide state-of-the-art web-based Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions with Marketplace and eCommerce integrations to help retailers better manage their channels and grow online revenues.

Key features our integrations support:

  • Centralized Order Management between all channels, marketplaces and ERP systems (NetSuite)
  • Automatic re-listings on eBay, Amazon and linked eCommerce Platforms as inbound products are received in SkuVault
  • Centralized management and updates of Inventory, Pricing, and Item Attributes across all platforms
  • Realtime Channel Updates
  • Kitting and Bundles
  • Best in Class Warehouse and Inventory Management capabilities

Sellware connects SkuVault

Sellware connects directly to SkuVault, allowing store owners to utilize world class inventory and warehouse management solutions throughout all their marketplaces and channels.  For retailers leveraging NetSuite as their ERP system, Sellware is quickly able to connect to products, items, and marketplace listings to facilitate a variety of advanced shipping and warehousing configurations.

Inventory Management

Sellware automatically synchronizes inventory across all your channels, whenever an order is placed.


Centralized Order Management

Manage orders from all of your channels from a single platform, whether that is NetSuite, Magento 1-2, Sellware, or the platform of your choosing. 


Marketplace Listings

Create marketplace listings with a single mouse click.

Skuvault multi channel inventory management

“Managing Inventory between our eCommerce Store and Channels has never been easier!”