Sellware Connects ShipStation

Quickly Connect Your Shipping Solutions


Import, manage, and ship your orders with ShipStation, the #1 choice of multi channel ecommerce sellers.

Features We Support:

  • Centralized Order Management and Shipping Processing
  • Ship with your favorite carrier and take advantage of significant discounts
  • Realtime Inventory and Channel Synchronization
  • Visual Indicators for shipping status across all marketplace orders
  • Push or Pull tracking codes, to update all necessary channels


Sellware connects directly to ShipStation

Immediately centralize shipping and processing for all your marketplaces and channels.

ShipStation Rated #1 by online retailers

Inventory Management

Sellware automatically synchronizes inventory across all your channels, whenever an order is placed.


Centralized Order Management

Manage orders from all of your channels from a single platform, whether that is NetSuite, Magento 1-2, Sellware, or the platform of your choosing. 


Marketplace Listings

Create marketplace listings with a single mouse click.


“I can’t believe how much time I save using ShipStation!”