Sellware Connects Walmart

Quickly Connect Walmart’s Seller Center

Quickly Sell on Walmart

As one of the biggest brands in retail, and a rapidly growing eCommerce destination, Sellware’s partnership with Walmart allows our users to quickly connect, list, sell, and manage products on Walmart’s Seller Center, providing access to tens of millions of potential new customers.

Sellware connects Walmart

Sellware connects directly to Seller Center, allowing online retailers to immediately connect new marketplaces and channels.

Unique features that Sellware Supports

  • Variant and Parent-Child Listings
  • Bulk product listings from Sellware vs manual upload of CSV files
  • V2 and V3 feed support
  • Bulk Inventory, Price, and Product data updates
  • Real Time order synchronization across multiple marketplaces
  • Centralized Order management from your platform of choice

If you would like to leverage Sellware for your Walmart integration, sign up here for priority support from our team of Walmart experts.

Inventory Management

Sellware automatically synchronizes inventory across all your channels, whenever an order is placed.


Centralized Order Management

Manage orders from all of your channels from a single platform, whether that is NetSuite, Magento 1-2, Sellware, or the platform of your choosing. 


Marketplace Listings

Create marketplace listings with a single mouse click.

Sell on Walmart

“Before finding Sellware, staying on top of our Walmart marketplace was a real challenge.  But now, I can list, sell, and manage orders all from a single platform, and keep everything in sync with my NetSuite ERP system.”