How to Create Listings

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Creating your listing is performed in two steps.  First, you need to select all the products from the Catalog page that you desire to list.  Note that your selection will vary based on the template specifications that designate what eBay or Amazon site the items are to be listed.

Once you have selected the items, simply click Perform on Selected, then select Create Listings to bring up the Create Listing popup.


Select the appropriate template for these listings; when you would like these items posted and the Relist Profile.  The relist profile allows you to automatically relist items and suspend listing when inventories are not available.

When you are satisfied with the template, timing and relisting options, click on the Confirm button and your listing will be queued for listing


Depending on the number of listings, and time of day, the queue can take several minutes to complete.  The status of your listing will be displayed at the top right of the screen.  If any errors occur in the listing process, Sellware provides you with details allowing you to correct the conditions to satisfy the eBay or editor.