Resolving Inventory or Listing Issues

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In order to ensure that your Inventory is being properly managed, all of the items Listed on your marketplaces need to be linked to a SKU to be managed by Sellware.

In the Listings Screen below, you can quickly see that there are issues with the Listings highlighted by the Red Indicator. You can also use the Filter to search through large catalogs to identify and issues or warnings.

This is a warning icon indicating that the system can see your Marketplace listing, but is NOT able to find the matching Product SKU from your Primary Channel in order to create to connect the items to the proper listings.


To resolve, simply select the items with warnings, and select the Resolve Error Option.


Use the Contextual Search to enter the correct SKU or descriptions, and the system will auto prompt the Products that meet the criteria.

Select the Correct Option and “Save Listings”.  The items will now be connected within Sellware and the warning prompt will be removed.