Using eBay Business Policies in Listing Templates

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eBay Business policies are the payment, shipping, and return details you specify for buyers in your listings.

More information on creating them within eBay can be found on eBay’s Business Policy Page


Once created in eBay, you can leverage them within Sellware for rapid template creation and modifications.

  • Payment policies are where you specify how buyers can pay you—through PayPal, for instance.

  • Shipping policies are where you specify your handling time, the shipping services you offer, and shipping costs.

  • Return policies are where you specify whether or not you accept returns. If you accept returns, include any return conditions and the amount of time a buyer has to return an item.

Rather than creating your business policies listing by listing, you can create multiple payment, shipping, and return policies and mix and match them in your listings, depending on what you’re selling.

With business policies, you can:

Learn how to make managing your business policies more efficient with some helpful tips from eBay